Learning new-tidyr and a cheeky steal from purrr

A quick bit of new-tidyr / pivot learning, and a cheaky steal from purrr for good measure

Why mgcv is awesome

Why building Generalized Additive Models (GAMs) using the mgcv package is a great idea.

Reflections on building my first few R packages

HEDfunctions, FunnelPlotR and NHSRdatasets reflections

RSS2019 conference

Royal Statistical Society (RSS) Conference 2019 Talk: Using funnel plots and CUSUM techniques to monitor hospital-standardised …

FunnelPlotR published on CRAN!

Funnel Plot R package published on CRAN!

SQL Server Database connections in R

Getting data into R One of the things I found most difficult when learning R was getting data from our SQL Servers into R to analyse. …

Introduction to Funnel Plots

An introduction to funnel plots, and using the CMFunnels package